Amidst regime attacks on Homs civilians, Jaish al-Tawhid vows revenge

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The recently formed rebel group Jaish Al-Tawheed began bombarding pro-regime areas in the city of Homs and villages in the north Homs countryside on Sunday, the group announced. Al-Tawheed launched the ongoing “Revenge for the Martyrs” campaign “in response to the escalation of Assad forces and the direct targeting of civilians and shops and markets with barrel bombs,” Jaish Al-Tawheed said in a statement posted to social media Sunday. A defected Ahrar a-Sham commander established Jaish Al-Tawheed nearly a month and a half ago “in the model of the Victory Army [coalition of rebel forces],” to bring together different rebel factions in the province, citizen journalist Firas al-Homsi told Syria Direct on Monday. A spokesman with Al-Tawheed said it bombarded the Alawite majority neighborhoods of al-Akrama and al-Nuzha in the city of Homs in a statement to Smart News on Sunday. Regime forces have targeted a number of areas in the northern Homs countryside in recent days. On Sunday afternoon, three barrel bombs dropped from regime helicopters in the town of al-Zafraneh killing 18 civilians and injuring dozens, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Monday.