As Zabadani campaign stalls, reports of napalm attacks on the city

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Regime forces pounded the rebel-held city of Zabadani near the Damascus-Beirut highway with missiles and barrel bombs Tuesday and Wednesday, as reports circulated of the regime’s use of napalm during the attacks. “The regime has used napalm in bombing Zabadani,” 11km from the Lebanese border, Amir Burhan, alias of a citizen journalist inside Zabadani, told Syria Direct Wednesday. “There’s no direct proof except the massive fires in the targeted buildings, these types of fires only occur with napalm,” he added. Citizen journalist Mohammed a-Rifi echoed that claim in an interview with pro-opposition al-Hal a-Suri Tuesday. The regime hopes to secure Syria’s border with Lebanon by capturing Zabadani, and preventing the cross-border smuggling of arms and goods to rebel groups, reported pro-regime Lebanese channel al-Mayadeen last month. Control of Zabadani would also allow regime forces to concentrate efforts on rebels around Damascus.