Backed by coalition, YPG captures mountain range

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The YPG seized a strategic mountain range on Wednesday from Islamic State forces, who withdrew to al-Shadadi, their stronghold south of the provincial capital of Al-Hasakah. “Jabal Abd al-Aziz is a strategic mountain range overlooking al-Hasakah province and Tal Tamer and connects the al-Jazira region to interior regions,” Zagros Cudi, a YPG field commander, told Syria Direct. YPG forces also seized several villages around Jabal Abd al-Aziz and the strategic Khaira crossroads on the eastern face of the mountain, reported pro Kurdish ARA News Zagros confirmed reports that the international coalition was aiding the YPG’s “Shahid Robar Qamishlu” campaign to capture the western Al-Hasakah countryside from IS. The Syrian army and National Defense Forces also engaged IS forces on Monday in the western Al-Hasakah countryside, reported Syrian state-run news agency SANA. But Cudi denied any cooperation with the Syrian regime saying, “What regime are you talking about? There is no regime. We don’t recognize anything called the Syrian regime.”