Barrel bomb hits mosque in Aleppo

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A Syrian regime helicopter dropped a barrel bomb on the Saad al-Ansari mosque in the Hayy al-Ansari village west of Aleppo city, killing 15 worshipers and injuring 20 others on Monday, reported Shahba Press agency. Worshippers had just broken the Ramadan fast and had begun the evening prayer, said the imam of the mosque in a video published by the Aleppo Media Center Tuesday. “Everyone had eaten two dates and drank a little water and we proceeded to pray,” he said. “Before the end of the prayer, we felt something falling on us… people were on the ground. The barrel bomb fell through the middle of the mosque, destroying it completely and scattering corpses of those praying,” the imam said, adding that rescuers have removed 12 bodies so far. The imam, covered in dust after the explosion, told the Aleppo Media Center that “the row of worshippers who were in front of me were all killed.” It was not immediately clear why the barrel bomb was dropped on the village, currently controlled by several different factions of the Free Syrian Army.