Barrel bomb kills dozens in central Aleppo

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A barrel bomb dropped from a regime helicopter on a major traffic circle in the Jisr al-Haj area of central Aleppo on Tuesday killed dozens of civilians in what pro-opposition Siraj Press dubbed a “massacre.” “More than 50 civilians were killed and dozens others wounded, including many critical cases, most of them women and children,” Bassel Abu Hamza, a correspondent for Aleppo Today said in a report for the station. “This is not the first massacre in this place, the regime committed another in the same area last year,” Abu Hamza said. The Jisr al-Haj bridge, which the neighborhood is named for, runs over a traffic circle in an opposition controlled area of central Aleppo where bus lines converge to pick up passengers going to the western Aleppo countryside. In his report from the scene, Abu Hamza denied a claim from Syrian state news agency SANA that that the air force had destroyed a rebel warehouse of weapons belonging to terrorist groups, saying that “all of the corpses were of civilians and there was not one corpse of a militant found.”