Coalition planes bomb Deir e-Zor petroleum fields

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Coalition warplanes reportedly bombed Islamic State (IS) equipment and positions near the IS-held a-Tanak oil and gas field 80km southeast of Deir e-Zor city on Tuesday, local journalists and activists told Syria Direct on Wednesday. The strikes allegedly missed the field’s infrastructure, Mohammed al-Khalif, a member of the pro-opposition Syrian Network for Human Rights based in Doha, told Syria Direct on Wednesday from Deir e-Zor. It was not immediately clear what the coalition targets were. “They smashed IS vehicles near the oil wells,” al-Khalif said, adding that the field–one of seven under IS control–“still isn’t out of commission.” “It’s clear coalition bombers had no intention of knocking the field out of service,” a Deir e-Zor-based journalist to Syria Direct on Wednesday. A leaflet drop, warning civilian oil vendors and workers to avoid the Deir e-Zor oil wells, reportedly preceded the coalition air strike, reported the pro-opposition Deir e-Zor News Network over the weekend. In related news, IS sent negotiators to bargain with the regime for oil-production equipment in exchange for easing their blockade on the remaining regime-controlled districts of al-Joura and al-Qasour in Deir e-Zor city, reported Deir e-Zor 24 on Tuesday.