Douma bombed after artillery fire on Damascus

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Regime warplanes launched several raids on numerous targets in East Ghouta Wednesday, killing dozens of civilians, allegedly in response to Tuesday’s unclaimed artillery barrage on several neighborhoods in Damascus, an opposition activist told Syria Direct Thursday. The regime air raids “were a response to several artillery attacks on Damascus on Tuesday,” Abdullah a-Shami, the head of Douma’s LCC, told Syria Direct Thursday. Regime warplanes launched four air raids on Douma, 10km northeast of central Damascus, devastating a crowded market and killing 28 civilians and injuring dozens more, according to a report by the opposition-led Syrian Civil Defense in the Damascus countryside on Facebook. Following the raids, various rebel factions exchanged blame on social media for the attacks on Damascus, each accusing the other in light of the heavy-handed regime response in East Ghouta. The pro-regime news site Damascus Now saw a conspiracy, alleging that rebels in East Ghouta were accusing Zahran Aloush, the leader of Jaish al-Islam, of bombing Damascus in order to elicit the regime response as a “lesson” to the citizens of East Ghouta who have demonstrated over the past weeks against his leadership. Last month, a total of 882 barrel bombs were dropped on all of the Damascus suburbs, including East Ghouta, the Syrian Network for Human Rights reported this week.