FSA repels regime attack on Busra al-Harir

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Rebel forces led by the FSA-affiliated Southern Front repelled regime attacks on the town of Busra al-Harir in Daraa province Tuesday, stymieing the government’s effort to win control of the main road between Daraa and Suwayda, a spokesperson for the pro-opposition news organization Independent Reporters of Houran told Syria Direct. Regime forces, including Iranian and Afghani fighters, tried to storm Busra al-Harir several times but failed, the spokesperson said Tuesday. Busra al-Harir is located on the highway from Daraa to the provincial capital of Suwayda. The rebels also managed to capture several regime soldiers during the fighting, reported pro-opposition Sham News Network. Tuesday’s attacks on Busra al-Harir come after the Syrian army cutt off a key rebel supply line between Daraa and Jordan the day before, reported official state news agency SANA. The US-backed Southern Front is widely considered the strongest FSA-affiliated group in Syria.