Fatwas justify confiscation of property, forced marriage

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The Islamic State has issued two new fatwas, one requiring widowed women to marry an IS fighter and the second mandating the confiscation of property belonging to anyone who leaves their territory, reported pro-opposition Madaar Today Tuesday. IS forces “are appropriating all empty houses in A-Raqqa regardless of the owners’ situations,” a journalist with the pro-opposition Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently campaign told Syria Direct Wednesday. The justification for this property confiscation is that residents have left the “lands of Islam” and gone to the “lands of the infidels,” according to Madaar Today’s report. “I am afraid to leave Al-Bab city since I own a number of farms here and as soon as I leave, IS will get its hands on them,” Abu Samir, a resident of IS-controlled al-Bab, told Madaar Today. The new fatwa concerning the immediate marrying of widows to IS fighters is contrary to widely accepted Islamic practices that require a widow to wait at least four months and ten days after the death of her husband if she wishes to remarry. This is not the first IS practice criticized by other Islamic scholars concerning marriage. Earlier this year, the Saudi cleric Manea al-Manea accused IS of marrying off women to IS fighters after their husbands had been declared apostates.