IS attacks Nusra bases in western Daraa

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Pro-Islamic State groups attacked several Jabhat a-Nusra bases in western Daraa on Wednesday, capturing one, after fighting which resulted in casualties in the dozens on both sides, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The pro-IS Martyrs of Yarmouk Brigade captured Sahem al-Golan, a Nusra stronghold in Daraa 10 kilometers from both the Jordanian border and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, in addition to attacking Nusra forces in the villages of Sayda south of Sahem al-Golan. The attack came in response to a campaign by a coalition of rebel factions, including Nusra, Islamist brigades, and the FSA’s Southern Army, to cleanse the adjacent Quneitra province of IS presence, which began earlier this week. The Sharia Court of Houran, which issued a rebel call-to-arms against the IS presence in southern Syria on Tuesday, served as mediators in a grievance involving the Martyrs of Yarmouk Brigade last year.