IS moves closer to Jordan

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The Islamic State won control of a village and an adjacent mountain from rebel forces in east Homs province 90km from the Jordanian border on Sunday, a spokesperson for the rebel group Liwa Asoud a-Sharqiya, who previously controlled the town, told Syria Direct on Monday. “The fighting is ongoing and [we will form] a new alliance to stop [IS],” said the spokesperson. Liwa Asoud a-Sharqiya and Jaish al-Islam are the most prominent rebel groups in the otherwise sparsely populated desert region. Pro-IS news agency Dawaal Haq confirmed IS control of the town. “IS control of the town of al-Alianiyeh will be a big danger for displaced Syrians fleeing to Jordan because the town is an important rest stop on the way to the only remaining entrance point into Jordan from Syria,” an activist who goes by the alias Shadi al-Tedmuri told Syria Direct.