Idlib hospitals lack resources for ‘so many wounded’

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The fallout of a lethal regime airstrike on a crowded vegetable market in Idlib city on Tuesday proved too much for first responders, who transported a number of victims across the border into Turkey, the head of the opposition’s Civil Defense told Syria Direct on Wednesday. “Idlib’s hospitals simply lack the resources and capabilities to take in so many wounded, so we moved several victims across the border [30km northwest] to hospitals in Turkey,” said Raed Salih, referring to Tuesday’s regime air raid killing 30 and wounding 50 on the provincial capital. A citizen journalist in Idlib city confirmed to pro-opposition news outlet AlSouria that area hospitals could not absorb the mass numbers of wounded. “The hospitals just can’t absorb so many dying people,” said Ahmad Hassan to AlSouria on Tuesday. “The body count will likely rise, as so many of the wounded are critically injured,” the activist added. Tuesday’s bombing is the second time regime warplanes have struck the Idlib vegetable market, considered one of the city’s most crowded, noted pro-opposition site Enab Baladi on Tuesday. The strike may have been in response to the Victory Army rebel coalition’s most recent march on the Shiite-majority villages of al-Fuaa and neighboring Kafariya, the last two regime-held villages in Idlib province, reported pro-opposition ARA News the same day.