Idlib province pounded by regime air raids, again

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Regime planes bombarded the southern Idlib countryside on Wednesday, killing and injuring dozens of civilians and severely damaging infrastructure, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Thursday. “Regime planes targeted the western residential neighborhood in Saraqeb with vacuum missiles,” Idlib citizen journalist Muhammad a-Tawil told Syria Direct on Thursday, adding that “[several of] the corpses have not been identified because of their mutilation.” “The pace of regime bombings in Idlib has escalated” a-Tawil said, referring specifically to an airstrike on the town of a-Janudiyeh in the west Jisr a-Shughour countryside on Monday that killed 60 civilians and injured 100 others. As the Victory Army rebel coalition moves closer to control of the entire province, the regime has responded by increasing the pace of attacks on rebel controlled villages and towns across the province in what opposition activists call collective punishment.