Intra-rebel fighting in Quneitra countryside

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Rebel forces fought with a pro-Islamic State group in the Quneitra countryside on Tuesday after the group ambushed an FSA convoy and captured fighters, reported pro-opposition Sham News Network. Free Syrian Army and Islamist battalions battled IS allies and arrested Islamic State supporters from several villages in the Quneitra countryside, including a leader in Jaish al-Jihad, the group that carried out the convoy ambush, reported the opposition news outlet Syria Noor. The fate of the FSA captives remains unknown. The convoy was originally headed to fight regime forces in Ba’ath city, the de facto capital of Quneitra and one of the regime’s last outposts in the province, but was ambushed outside a village en route, Abu Yahya, an official from a participating FSA brigade told the Southern Front’s website.