Islamic State ‘betrays’ allies in Qalamoun

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The Qalamoun Conquest Army announced its intent to drive Islamic State forces from the mountain region via Twitter on Monday after IS “betrayed” their rebel allies by attacking several of the coalition’s bases in the Lebanese-Syria border region. “The Islamic State was supposed to be fighting against Hezbollah in Qalamoun, but they betrayed the rebels, meaning that the rebels are confronting the regime, Hezbollah, and IS at the same time,” a media activist from the United Qalamoun Media Collective who requested anonymity told Syria Direct on Tuesday. A number of rebel brigades announced the formation of the Qalamoun Conquest Army last week, and until Monday, had only been engaging Hezbollah and regime forces in the region. “IS stabbed the rebels in the back and killed four of their fighters on the front around the town of al-Juba, in addition to cutting off one of their supply lines,” Ahmad Bayanouni, also with the United Qalamoun Media Collective told Syria Direct on Tuesday.