Islamic State 5km from Al-Hasakah city

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Islamic State forces captured the al-Ahdath prison from Syrian regime forces less than 5km south of Al-Hasakah’s city center on Monday. “IS control of al-Ahdath prison means that they are on the heights overlooking the city, with only 5km separating them from the provincial capital,” Siraj a-Din al-Hasakawi, a journalist specializing in human rights violations, told Syria Direct on Monday. The Syrian National Defense Forces announced on their Facebook page that their fighters had retaken the prison early Monday, however no other regime media outlets have reported on events involving the prison. The capture of the prison comes as IS forces advance on regime-held parts of al-Hasakah city’s surrounding countryside in an assault they launched Friday to pave the way for a storming of the city itself, reported pro-IS Amaq News Agency on Saturday. Al-Hasakah is a split city, with parts under YPG control and others under regime control.