Islamic State at the gates of Al-Hasakah city

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The Islamic State (IS) has reportedly captured an electrical power station and regime checkpoint 1.5km from the southern gates of Al-Hasakah city, prompting the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) to deploy reinforcements to positions inside Al-Hasakah city on Thursday. “IS captured the electrical station, just south of Al-Hasakah–they’re even shelling Basil Circle, in the heart of the city,” Ali Al-Huraith, a Hasakah–based journalist, told Syria Direct on Thursday. In response to the ongoing IS assault, the YPG sent a convoy of fighters, truck-mounted anti-aircraft and heavy machine guns to Al-Hasakah city, reported the YPG Media Center, the official media wing of the YPG, on Facebook Wednesday. “YPG units spread throughout the city, protecting Kurdish neighborhoods and interests, but IS hasn’t entered the city just yet,” Siraj al-Din al-Hasakawi, a Hasakah-based journalist told Syria Direct on Thursday.