Islamic State captures Palmyra oil field

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The Islamic State (IS) captured the Jazal oil field 25km northwest of Palmyra on Wednesday, reportedly prompting a deployment of regime reinforcements to regain the lost field, reported pro-regime Al-Mayadeen news channel on Wednesday. Jazal is the most important oil field in east Homs after the Shaar fields, Amar Abu Yusif, a Homs-based journalist, told Syria Direct on Wednesday. “Its loss means the regime will be particularly hard-pressed to produce a steady electricity supply for Homs province,” said Abu Yusif. The fight for Jazal began Tuesday afternoon, “but IS forced the regime out inch by inch, first from its positions in Jazal village, then from the oil field itself,” the journalist said. IS boasted of its capture of the Jazal oil field on Twitter on Tuesday, claiming the capture of tanks, heavy machine guns and Russian-make Kornet anti-tank guided missiles, arguably the most capable tank-killers in Syria, even compared to the American TOW system.