Islamic State conducts three-pronged Hasakah suicide attack

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The Islamic State carried out a triple suicide attack on Kurdish and regime forces in Al-Hasakah city Wednesday, leaving dozens killed and wounded between soldiers and civilians. The first and second attacks, carried out with explosive-laden cars, targeted an Asayish (Kurdish police loyal to the PYD) headquarters and a National Defense Forces (shabiha) headquarters, reported IS-affiliated Amaq news. “The first explosion killed at least 12 Asayish, including the commander of the headquarters and his deputy,” Ali al-Harith, a citizen journalist in al-Hasakah city, told Syria Direct Wednesday. In the third incident, four fighters wearing suicide belts attacked the regime’s Camel Regiment [Fauj al-Hajana], clashing with soldiers before detonating their explosives. As of Wednesday, the death toll from the attacks, excluding Asayish casualties, totaled 11 civilians, “most of them children,” and five soldiers, including two officers, reportedpro-regime National Hasakah News. Fifty civilians were wounded. The Islamic State has launched attacks on the provincial capital before in an attempt to establish a foothold in Al-Hasakah, which is jointly ruled by the Kurdish PYD and regime forces.