JAI launches new East Ghouta battle

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Jaish al-Islam began a new operation Monday to destroy theregime’s first line of defense in East Ghouta, a brigade responsible for bombing towns across the Damascus suburbs and providing medical services to regime soldiers in the area, JAI spokesman Islam Aloush told Syria Direct Tuesday. On Monday, rebels captured four of the eight military installations listed as targets in JAI's announcement of the new battle, said Aloush. Captured targets include the al-Adm Mosque, which looks out over the rebel-controlled village of Hosh al-Fara. The Syrian Revolutionary Command Council confirmed the launch of the battle to break open the regime’s line as well as the capture of the al-Adm Mosque, reported pro-opposition news website All4Syria. The council coordinates media and humanitarian aid activity in the Damascus suburbs. Liwa 39, the regime’s defense line, stretches from Medaa to the east to Tel Kurdi to the west.