JAN claims Damascus bombing

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Jabhat a-Nusra claimed credit for a suicide operation at a key government building in Damascus that killed an unspecified number of soldiers in an announcement released Monday. “Supplies for all Syrian army and intelligence positions originates at the Supply and Provisions Building,” Abu Mohammed al-Bardawi, a spokesman for the rebel brigade Abdal a-Sham—previously involved in bombings inside Damascus—told Syria Direct Tuesday. The three men who carried out the operation entered the Supply and Provisions Building dressed in Syrian army attire, Yasir a-Doumani, alias of the head of the pro-opposition Syrian Media Organization, told Syria Direct Tuesday. According to Nusra's announcement, one blew up his suicide vest while the others fought with Syrian army soldiers until “they obtained what they were hoping for.” Also on Monday, the head of the Supply and Provision Organization, Mohammed Eid, was targeted by a car bomb as his convoy passed through Rukn a-Din, in the same district as the bombed building, reported pro-opposition Orient News. No group has yet claimed responsibility for that attack. Rukn a-Din is located in northern Damascus. “The specialized agencies took out a group of terrorists while pursuing them east of Rukn a-Din,” reported state-owned news agency SANA Monday, without mentioning the Supply and Provisions building.