Latakia city hit by rockets twice this week

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A series of rockets struck residential neighborhoods in the coastal city of Latakia Thursday, resulting in at least two deaths and dozens injured and bringing the city to a near-standstill for the second time in less than a week. “The rockets and explosions caused a huge panic and paralyzed residents’ movement,” Abu Anas, a Latakia resident, told Syria Direct on Thursday. “Some people even consider their homes no longer safe because last time a number of children were killed by rockets hitting residential buildings.” No group claimed responsibility for the rocket fire but the Jaish al-Islam rebel brigade released a statement on Thursday announcing its intent to carry out rocket attacks on Shiite villages and the Syrian coast in support of Zabadani, a town under siege by regime and Hezbollah forces now under a 48-hour ceasefire. Of the three rockets fired toward Latakia, one landed in the ocean, while another two landed in front of non-military buildings.