Lebanese arrest Syrians over illegal entry, ‘terrorist’ affiliations

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The Lebanese army arrested 90 Syrian refugees on Monday from several areas in the Bekaa Valley and the north on various charges including affiliation with a “terrorist organization,” reported the official website of the Lebanese army. “Some [of the 90] entered Lebanon illegally and some were arrested on suspicion of being part of terrorist organizations,” the army said in its statement. “Arrests of Syrian refugees are not new,” a Syrian refugee in Lebanon who requested anonymity told Syria Direct on Tuesday. “Rather, they have clearly increased after the outbreak of battles against the regime and Hezbollah in western Qalamoun.” The Lebanese army said last week it arrested dozens of Syrian refugees in another campaign in the Bekaa region “for not having legal resident documents and having entered the country illegally.” “Simply put, the Lebanese Army’s storming of Syrian [refugee camps] resembles a-Shabiha raids on Syrian towns,” Abu Asad al-Homsi, a Syrian refugee in Lebanon, told Syria Direct in a recent interview.