Limited rescue capabilities exacerbate west Damascus attack

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A barrel bomb attack on the western Damascus countryside left five civilians dead and dozens wounded, a doctor in the field told Syria Direct Monday, adding that the area‪'s limited medical capabilities prevented an effective rescue effort‪. Following the regime's attack on Madhaya village, the ‪injured‪ women and children ‪were taken to Damascus Hospital roughly 50km away, Abu Nadhal a-Suri, head of the neighboring a-Zabadani hospital, told Syria Direct Monday. “The regime turned the only hospital in the area into a military base, and we couldn't take the men to the Damascus Hospital because they're wanted by the regime.” “The lightly wounded men were taken to the Madhaya medical station, with the seriously injured taken to the a-Zabadani field hospital, as the Madhaya location has very limited capabilities,” he added. Regime helicopters used eight barrel bombs in the attack, reported pro-opposition Siraj Press. State media had no comment about the attack, the motive for which was not immediately clear.