Missiles take Idlib hospital out of service

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Regime warplanes struck Salam hospital in Idlib city with vacuum missiles in a continuation of “collective punishment” for residents of rebel-controlled areas, the director of the opposition Civil Defense told Syria Direct on Thursday. “Attacking hospitals and Civil Defense centers is one of the policies the regime uses to collectively punish the Syrian people, especially those who live in areas outside its control,” said Raed Salih, the head of the Syrian Civil Defense emergency-response organization. The bombing killed one civilian and injured dozens in addition to forcing the hospital to stop its operations due to damage,reported opposition news outlets. “The regime has attacked several hospitals in Idlib: the National Hospital, the Red Crescent hospital, the Orient Hospital,” said Salih, adding that the Palace of Justice and one of the city’s central bakeries had also been targeted since rebels took control of Idlib city at the end of March. “There are no hospitals left in the city; the humanitarian situation, especially the health situation, is very tough and we don’t have a way to fix it.”