Nusra, FSA infighting in Quneitra

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As an FSA ambush team lay in wait for a column of approaching regime forces in Quneitra province on Monday, a platoon of nearby Nusra fighters sprayed the men with small-arms fire, spoiling the operation and prompting a written statement from the FSA-coalition leadership warning of swift and severe retaliation should any similar offences reoccur, reported pro-opposition All4Syria on Tuesday. “Should Nusra repeat any similar offense against our men, we will retaliate with severity,” wrote the aggrieved FSA unit’s leadership, in a statement on Monday. In addition to admonishing Nusra, the FSA demanded the immediate surrender and trial of the offending Nusra fighters. This most recent squabble between Nusra and FSA forces in Quneitra, 60km northwest of Daraa city, comes two months after several FSA units in Daraa province announced in writing an explicit break with Nusra, refusing to coordinate or fight with what they considered an invasive rebel entity. Quneitra, a water-rich region home to an eponymous city and scores of villages on Syria’s border with Israel, is the site of an ongoing regime effort to frustrate rebel attempts to inch from the south towards Damascus.