One of Syria’s biggest bases falls to Daraa rebels

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Rebel coalitions on Tuesday captured of one of Syria’s biggest military bases, located in the eastern Daraa countryside, an Ahrar a-Sham spokesman told Syria Direct. “Opposition forces have completely liberated the Liwa 52 military base,” said Ahmed Kora Ali. Liwa 52 is the regime’s second-largest base in Syria in terms of size and weaponry. It sits on the edge of a regime buffer zone in Daraa that protects Suwayda province, with the provincial capital 20km west of the base. With the rebel victory, the regime now only controls a sliver of territory leading from Damascus to Daraa city, with garrisons in between in the cities of Izraa and a-Sanamayn. An activist who happened to be at the National Hospital in Suwayda city on Tuesday reported to Syria Direct seeing regime casualties arriving. “Those who I’ve seen among the regime’s injured and dead from the fighting over Liwa 52 were a mix of Syrians, Iranians, and other nationalities,” she said. The hospital was so full it had become “like a graveyard,” said the activist Noura al-Basha.