Promises end Hama hunger strike

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Nearly 700 inmates at the Hama Central Prison broke their week-long hunger strike Monday after receiving promises from the regime to revisit the recent cases of dozens of prisoners sentenced to death or life in prison, the Hama-based director of the pro-opposition Hama Revolutionaries Union told Syria Direct Tuesday. “Promises made to the prisoners include a visit with the minster of justice after Ramadan, a national reconciliation for those sentenced to jail time and revisiting the death sentences issued by Judge Ridha Musa, the head of the Terrorism Court,” said Jawad al-Hamawi. The Terrorism Court recently handed down sentences to 45 inmates ranging from 12 years in prison to death, prompting the hunger strike. Those sentenced were being held in the “Riots Branch,” which includes opposition activists and rebels, Wael al-Hamawi, a journalist with pro-opposition news outlet Al-Ayam, told Syria Direct Tuesday. During the strike, inmates raised the slogan “death rather than humiliation,” reported al-Ayam on Monday.