Rebels attempt to push regime out of south Jobar

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Rebels fought to win control of the only regime-held part of opposition-controlled Jobar neighborhood in east Damascus on Tuesday, killing at least 40 regime soldiers and allied militiamen, reported the Jobar Media Office. “The Tayba neighborhood on Jobar’s southern edge is very sensitive, and rebel control of it would set regime progress back 6 months,” Muhamed Abu Kamal, the official spokesperson for Feilaq a-Rahman, was quoted by al-Arabi al-Jadid as saying. The regime took control of Tayba late last year. Feilaq a-Rahman is one of several Islamist brigades participating in the campaign, entitled “Closing the Ranks” which seeks to complete rebel control of Jobar. During the fighting, rebel fighters blew up several buildings occupied by regime forces in addition to destroying a regime tank, reported the pro-opposition newspaper Zaman al-Wasl.