Rebels defend Jisr a-Shughour

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As the battle for northwest Hama province enters its sixth day, rebels destroyed a bridge in the area to block regime forces from reaching and trying to take back the newly rebel-controlled city of Jisr a-Shughour, a local citizen journalist told Syria Direct Tuesday. Regime reinforcements originating from Hama city “must pass over the bridge” in order to reach Jisr a-Shughour, which falls on a key Latakia-Idlib supply route, said Jawwad al-Hamawi, head of the Hama Revolutionaries' Union. Rebels began the battle for the northwest Hama plains known as Sahl al-Ghab last Thursday. Rebel control of the flatlands adjacent to Latakia, combined with the recent takeover of Jisr a-Shughour, would cut off supply lines to remaining regime forces in southern Idlib and also facilitate a future rebel attack on Latakia province