Rebels hope to break into besieged West Ghouta

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A coalition of rebel groups known as the “Storm of Rightness” operations room released a statement over the weekend declaring the resumption of a battle to break the regime siege on the West Ghouta suburbs of Damascus by capturing remaining military installations in nearby Quneitra province. The purpose of the Quneitra battle is to “open a path into the western Damascus countryside” by striking several points in adjacent Quneitra province, the Storm of Rightness operations room said a second statement released Saturday. Rebels initially began the battle on June 16, reported pro-opposition Sham News Network. The battle was stopped two days later for unclear reasons, a local citizen journalist told Syria Direct Monday. “The reason might be a lack of ammunition and funding, in addition to large personnel losses without much progress,” said Mohammed al-Hourani, based out of nearby Daraa. The Storm of Rightness operations room includes al-Jaish al-Awwal, Jabhat Ansar al-Islam, and several other brigades.