Rebels move deeper into Aleppo city

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Three rebel brigades formed an independent joint operations room Sunday to capture a district in northwest Aleppo overlooking large swathes of the city's west. The Izzat Halab operations room, which is separate from the Aleppo Victory Army, has set its sights on Al-Khalidiya, “an elevated area overlooking Nile Street, one of the city's main thoroughfares, and al-Mukambu, one of the richest neighborhoods,” citizen journalist Ahmed al-Ahmed told Syria Direct from Aleppo on Monday. The operations room, which includes FSA division 101 and 16 and the Harakat Mujahideen al-Islam, began its work Sunday by capturing the Defense Factories compound that straddles al-Khalidiya neighborhood to the west, reported the pro-opposition SmartNews radio network. “The Syrian army is bearing down on militants fortified inside buildings in al-Khalidiya,” reported Hezbollah's outlet Al-Manar Sunday.