Regime helicopters drop unconventional ordnance on Idlib villages

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Regime helicopters unleashed a mix of reportedly unconventional payloads–barrel bombs, exploding gas canisters and naval mines–on the rebel-held villages of Kefr Sajna and Maarat a-Numan in Idlib province, killing 11 civilians and wounding dozens more, reported pro-opposition journalists and news networks on Tuesday and Wednesday. “One of the barrel bombs that fell on Kefr Sajna, about 45km southwest of Idlib, decimated an entire family, killing nine,” Hussein a-Zaidi, an Idlib-based journalist, told Syria Direct on Wednesday. “They were sleeping on their roof, trying to escape the oppressive heat inside their home, when the barrel bombs fell just after midnight,” he added. While barrel bombs struck Kefr Sajna, more than 14 naval mines reportedly fell Tuesday on the city of Maarat a-Numan, 31km southeast of Idlib, according to Al-Arabiya. Open Syria, Syria Direct’s open-source partner, notes photographs of unexploded ordinance found in the aftermath of the Maarat a-Numan bombing resemble gas-canister IED’s, rather than naval mines.