Regime reportedly targets hospital in east Aleppo countryside

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Regime warplanes reportedly targeted a hospital in the Islamic State-controlled city of Deir Hafir in the eastern Aleppo countryside Wednesday, killing 23 civilians and wounding dozens, according to pro-opposition Aleppo Media Center. The area was free of IS soldiers, activists were quoted by pro-opposition Siraj Press as saying. Opposition media outlets reported that the regime utilized vacuum missiles in the attack, a claim which could not be verified. In related news, 15 children were wounded by airstrikes on the city of Tel Ahmar located near Deir Hafir in the eastern Aleppo countryside, reported pro-opposition Sham News Network. “Units with the army destroyed the dens of takfiri terrorist organizations in the villages” of Tel Ahmar and Deir Hafir, among other villages in the eastern Aleppo countryside, reported Syria official news agency SANA News on Thursday.