Regime soldiers buried alive while tunneling to Zamalka

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Ajnad a-Sham destroyed a regime tunnel in the outskirts of Zamalka in East Ghouta on Tuesday, burying army soldiers inside, pro-opposition Smart News agency reported on Tuesday. “The regime dug the tunnel in order to infiltrate the rebels from behind,” activist Omran Abu Salloum, the director of local pro-opposition site Ghouta Now told Syria Direct on Wednesday. “Members of Ajnad a-Sham stationed nearby discovered the tunnel after hearing the sound of digging, and they blew it up using locally-made TNT explosives,” Abu Salloum added. The number of regime casualties remains unknown, as those stationed in the tunnel at the time of the explosion remain buried in the rubble, opposition news agency All4Syria reported on Wednesday. Rebel-held Zamalka lies 10 kilometers from Damascus proper and borders the Jobar neighborhood, just east of the capital’s Abbasid Square, which saw heavy fighting between rebel forces and the regime last month.