Regime warplanes in 'massacre' near Jisr a-Shughour

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As the battle for Jisr a-Shughour's National Hospital dragged on Tuesday, regime warplanes bombed a Christian-majority village just north of the city Monday, killing more than a dozen civilians in what opposition media and activists are calling a “massacre.” The village of al-Quniya was hit “with vacuum missiles that led to the destruction of houses with their occupants still in them,” killing 15 civilians, Abu Muhammed a-Taweel, the alias of a citizen journalist in nearby Kafr Nubl, told Syria Direct Tuesday. Al-Quniya, originally a Christian town, was home to “displaced Muslims who were living peacefully there for more than two years,” he added. A member of the Civil Defense Administration in rebel-held Idlib city told Syria Direct that the bombing “was revenge against civilians, because the regime learned that Civil Defense teams had evacuated Jisr a-Shughour of civilians.” Also on Monday, the regime tried unsuccessfully to send reinforcements to the National Hospital, the last major regime-controlled position in Jisr a-Shughour, reported pro-Kurdish ARA News. As of publishing, “the hospital is under a heavy siege...but storming the building will cost Jaish al-Fatah dearly, so they're thinking of other ways to defeat the regime forces,” said a-Taweel.