Regime warplanes target east Idlib

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Regime warplanes targeted a group of civilians in the eastern Idlib countryside Wednesday, killing 10 and wounding 20, reportedly in revenge for recent rebel progress in Idlib province, reported pro-opposition AlSouria. Binnish, which contains large numbers of displaced persons from areas across the province, was hit “in revenge for the rebels' liberation of Idlib city and Jisr a-Shughour,” Jumaa al-Idlibi, the alias of a citizen journalist from Binnish, told Syria Direct Thursday. In response to the bombing, rebels with Liwa al-Hussein, members of the Islamic Front, targeted the nearby Shiite-majority regime-controlled towns of Fuwaa and Kafariya with mortars, according to remarks made by a Liwa fighter that circulated online Wednesday. Earlier this week, rebels took control of the al-Qarmeed brick factory, used as a makeshift base. The regime now controls the town of Ariha, the neighboring mointain region of Jabal al-Arbain, the al-Mastuma base, the Shiite-majority towns of Fuwaa and Kafariya, and the Abu A-Dhuhur airbase, besieged by rebels for more than two years.