Syria’s plains the gateway into Latakia about to fall to rebels

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Rebels have the regime’s last military base in Syria’s northern plains region “nearly encircled” after advancing from the northwest, capturing a series of regime outposts on hills overlooking the base, a correspondent with the pro-opposition Syria Post told Syria Direct on Monday. “With the rebel capture of the hills, the fall of the base at Jourin to rebels is as close as it has ever been,” said Mustafa Qantar, a correspondent reporting from Sahl al-Ghab, as the plains are known in Arabic. “Jourin is now under rebel fire from three directions,” said Qantar, adding that “the regime has nothing left but the southern front.” Rebel forces have been attempting to push the regime out of Jourin, considered the gateway to Latakia from rebel-controlled Idlib province, since the regime forces from the rest of Sahl al-Ghab retreated there last month.