Tensions between Kurdish, regime forces in divided Qamishli

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Kurdish security forces in the mostly YPG-held city of Qamishli took control of a number of regime-held buildings and released detainees after clashing with Syrian regime forces on Tuesday, the pro-opposition Smart News Agency reported. “The clashes happened after regime members arrested members of an Asayish [the official Kurdish security organization in Qamishli] patrol,” earlier this week, Ferhad Ehme, a Kurdish media activist in Qamishli told Syria Direct on Wednesday. “After the regime refused to release [the detainees], the Asayish attempted to get them out by force.” Among the regime-held positions taken by Kurdish security forces in the fighting on Tuesday were the old military security building and the train station “which was used as a military barracks housing the shabiha [National Defense Forces],” an announcement posted on official Asayish media said. The buildings taken on Tuesday were among the few remnants of regime control in and around Qamishli after YPG forces took the city last year. The regime retains control of the nearby Qamishli airport. Syrian state media did not mention the fighting.