Two days of defections in Quneitra

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Regime forces stationed in the town of Khan Arnaba in the Quneitra countryside witnessed two days of defections on Sunday and Monday, Syria Mubasher reported. On Sunday “a commander defected with his men and headed towards the [rebel-held] village of Beit Jinn” 14km north in the Damascus countryside bordering Quneitra, Ahmed al-Joulani, the head of the Quneitra Media Center told Syria Direct Monday. An unspecified number of fighters fled to nearby rebel positions on Sunday, Syria Mubasher reported, as remaining regime forces fired artillery and rocket launchers trying to thwart their escape. The operation was carried out in cooperation with an unnamed FSA faction in the area, al-Joulani said, adding that the men “had been passing information to the FSA” before leaving regime positions. On Monday, 25 fighters with the pro-regime Popular Committees also ran to rebel positions, opposition al-Etihad Press reported, in the first defections of their kind for the southern Syrian province.