Wadi Barada rebels re-open Damascus water supply

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Rebels in Wadi Barada reopened the water supply to Damascus and its vicinity on Wednesday after the regime met at least one of their conditions to end the cutoff, reported pro-opposition news site El-Dorar. Rebels issued an announcement last weekend declaring a water cutoff to parts of the capital until the regime fulfilled several conditions, including “a total stop to bombing and sniping in all the villages of the area,” the release of all detainees from Wadi Barada and the entrance of food, medicine, fuel and building materials into the region. The regime responded to the announcement by releasing five detainees requested by the rebels, including women, reported ADN kronos Wednesday. “The regime has begun to acquiesce to the rebels' demands,” local activists were quoted by the international news agency as saying. In a breach of at least one of the announcement's terms, a regime sniper shot a man riding a motorbike Wednesday in the Wadi Barada region, reported pro-opposition Wadi Barada Media Center. The rebel-held Wadi Barada area is home to Ein al-Fijeh, a town 15km northwest of Damascus that houses the main spring providing drinking water both to the capital, including the wealthy districts of Mezzeh and Maliki that count top regime officials and supporters among its population, and the rebel-controlled suburbs.