YPG, FSA 45km north of A-Raqqa city

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Joint FSA and YPG forces captured Brigade 93 from the Islamic State near the town of Ain Issa, 45km north of A-Raqqa city on Monday, announced the Revolutionaries of A-Raqqa Brigade on their Facebook page. “Brigade 93 is located in an elevated area, the control of which will facilitate the process of advancing on and capturing the village of Ain Issa,” a spokesman for the Revolutionaries, one of the local groups fighting alongside YPG and FSA forces in the joint Euphrates Volcano campaign to drive the Islamic State out of a-Raqqa province, told Syria Direct Monday. “Rebels combed through Brigade 93 after gaining control of it,” the Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently media campaign reported on Monday. “Brigade 93 will be a launching point for [future] attacks,” the rebel spokesman said.