YPG forces encircle IS villages with regime support

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The YPG encircled at least a dozen Islamic State-controlled villages outside Tal Tamer in the northwest countryside of Al-Hasakah on Monday reported ROJ News. “The Syrian regime assisted the YPG with warplanes on the western front of Tal Tamer,” Musab Al-Hamidi, the spokesperson for the pro-opposition Youth Union of Al-Hasakah told Syria Direct on Tuesday. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported regime support for the YPG on Monday. Tal Tamer and its surrounding villages sit on an international highway near the Ras Al-Ayn border crossing with Turkey that connects Aleppo to the governorate of Al-Hasakah. “IS still controls a lot of the roads that connect to the area of Tal Tamer,” said Al-Hamidi. The YPG’s latest advancements are part of its “Shahid Robar Qamishlu” campaign launched on May 6 to clear the western Al-Hasakah countryside of Islamic State forces. It was not clear whether the international coalition is directly participating in the campaign, though it has previously provided air cover for recent YPG campaigns in Al-Hasakah province.